The Ferry Porsche Foundation supports charitable projects in the social sector and in the areas environment, education & science, culture and sport.
It focuses on children and young people in the regions where Porsche AG has company sites.



Celebrating “70 years of the Porsche sports car” – 20 million euro of foundation funding

Porsche creates the Ferry Porsche Foundation

Stuttgart. Porsche is reinforcing its commitment to social responsibility. As the brand marks its 70th year, the Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer has established the Ferry Porsche Foundation. This is intended primarily to support projects in connection with education and social issues, as well as play an active role in youth development.


Our main areas of focus

Social projects

Helping disadvantaged people

One’s family and educational background or state of health should not constitute social barriers. This is why the Ferry Porsche Foundation promotes commitment for participation, integration and inclusion. We are active in the world of children’s and youth work, and we support social projects aimed at empowering the underprivileged to take control of their own lives. We are also involved in helping children and young people with severe illnesses, and in preventive healthcare.

The environment

Preserving nature

Sustainably protecting nature and the environment for people, animals and plants is another aim of the Ferry Porsche Foundation. Therefore, we are active in the areas of nature conservation, biodiversity and environmental education. Our goal is to preserve and expand habitats for biological diversity. Above all, we want to raise awareness and knowledge of environmental issues among children and young people.

Education & science

Clever minds need support

Inspiring young people to focus on their education and opening doors for them, regardless of their family background and personal situation, by giving them fair access to the education system are some of the guiding principles of the Ferry Porsche Foundation. In addition to this, we promote innovative research concepts – which we see as an investment in the future. Training children in road safety to encourage safety consciousness at a young age and to make them aware of the dangers of traffic is another specific aim of ours.


High performance culture for everyone

Music and art are important cultural assets that bind people together, promote tolerance and stimulate enthusiasm for innovations. This is why we have set ourselves the goal of enabling people at all levels of society to take part in cultural life. We want to encourage building bridges between traditional art and the inspirations of today. In particular, we want to encourage a fascination for culture in children and young people. Beyond this, we also want to build awareness of our cultural heritage by protecting and conserving objects of cultural value.


Porsche is sporty – on and off the racing circuit

The Ferry Porsche Foundation is an active sponsor both in the world of popular, recreational sports as well as in the world of top-class sports. Physical activity and sports are not only important for the health and social development of children and adolescents. New talent is also discovered and nurtured at club level before it reaches the peaks of professional sport. In team sports, young people learn to appreciate camaraderie as a positive experience while gaining valuable knowledge for later life.


Funding principles

Our aim is to sponsor sustainable projects by charitable organisations and institutions. We are primarily active at the production sites in Stuttgart, Weissach and Leipzig and the surrounding areas. The prerequisite for support from the Ferry Porsche Foundation is a fit with our areas of focus and funding principles.

We cannot fund …
  • Raffles
  • Public officials
  • Politically exposed persons / political parties
  • Organisations that discriminate against other people in their activities
  • Organisations whose stated purpose is to propagate faith, i.e. organisations that follow missionary aims. An exception to this rule applies to organisations with a religious funding body whose statutes specify an exclusive commitment to social aims.
  • Individual persons / individual cases
  • Construction projects
  • Administrative costs (printing costs, travel costs, rent, personnel etc.)
  • Loans, credits, sureties, barter transactions
  • Regional authorities / other public bodies
  • Non-charitable purposes

Submitting a grant application

Does your project meet all the necessary criteria? Then we invite you to submit a request to us by using the application form and sending it by email to Please understand that we can only process applications that have been filled out correctly and completed in full, and please restrict the documents and information you submit to what is necessary. The probability of your proposal being accepted does not increase with the number of documents you hand in.

Download application

The funding process

We check the submitted grant application to establish whether the Ferry Porsche Foundation can support your project. You will receive a response within eight weeks of us receiving your request. In the event of a positive decision, you will receive a legally relevant commitment specifying the amount of funding and the intended purpose. After you receive the donation payment, you must issue a donation receipt to the Ferry Porsche Foundation.

The Foundation

Board of Trustees

Board of Directors

Contact us

Porscheplatz 1
70435 Stuttgart, Germany
Bank Details:
LBBW / BW-Bank Stuttgart
IBAN: DE22 6005 0101 0002 0095 97

Ferry Porsche

What Ferry Porsche stands for

It all began with a dream. “At the beginning, I looked around me and I couldn’t find my dream car. So I decided to build it myself.” Ferry Porsche (19 September 1909 to 27 March 1998) made his dream come true: In June 1948, he completed the first Porsche sports car – founding a world-famous brand in the process. For almost five decades, this visionary sports car designer oversaw the rise of his company from its humble beginnings to the very peak of global sports car production – as a successful managing director, later as the chairman of the supervisory board, and finally as an experienced advisor.

Even many years after his death, Ferry Porsche is still an unshakeable central pillar for Porsche AG and its employees. Part of what makes him so unforgettable is his pioneering spirit and his business acumen. However, he was also an entrepreneur with a heart, and he took his social responsibilities very seriously. Ferry Porsche focused on people – creating a unique corporate culture shaped by successful social partnership, which is still such a key feature of Porsche to this day.